Cookies policy

What are cookies and what are they?
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites. They are used to remember useful information that facilitates navigation, eg cookies may be used to remember if you are logged or not. Cookies do not damage your computer and remain active for different periods of time, some are stored until you close your browser, while others may remain for several weeks or longer.

What used cookies? website has a variety of resources and helpful tools. To make better use of these resources and tools from your computer, you will need to accept cookies. We may provide certain resources only if it uses cookies. If you chose to disable cookies, you can still navigate the site and read the content, but you may find that some functions are not available.

We collaborate with organizations could also enable cookies when you access uses cookies in different ways:

Cookies are strictly necessary
These cookies are essential for you to browse through the page and use its resources, such as accessing secure areas of the site. Without these cookies, services you have requested is not able to provide.

Functional cookies
These cookies collect information about how visitors use our site, for example, which pages they visit most often, and if they receive messages from websites reporting errors. These cookies do not collect information that identifies you. All information these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous information. It is only used to improve the performance of our website.

Functionality cookies
These cookies allow our website to remember the settings you selected (such as usernames, or region in which it is). It also provides improved and more custom items, since they can offer such services as watching a video, comment on a blog or add comments about products. The information collected by these cookies can be hidden as anonymous and thus can not track your browsing other websites.

What uses cookies?
Below is a list of cookies that can be stored on your computer when you visit occasionally making changes to this list as we add or remove features of our website.

Operation of cookies

Cookie(s) Purpose of the cookie Duration
PHPSESSION Standard php cookie to control the maintenance of the session and confirm, in the case of restaurantecasafernando, that the user has been correctly accessed. Expires: End of the session.
ComplianceCookie Cookie used to store if the user accepts the use of cookies on the site. Expires: 2 years
pll_language It is created to save your language preference Expires: End of the session.
Cookie(s) Purpose of the cookie Duration
PREF Google uses cookies, such as the PREF cookie, to customize the ads shown on Google services, such as Google Search, especially when you have not signed in to a Google account. We also use cookies for ads that we show outside of Google. Our main advertising cookie on sites that do not belong to Google is called “id” and is stored in browsers in the domain. We also use other cookies called “_drt_”, “FLC”, “NID” and “exchange_uid”. (More information in ). 24 hours
NID Viewing maps using Google Maps 6 months
OTZ Widget de Google+ 1 month
Cookie(s) Purpose of the cookie Duration
_utmz This cookie is usually stored in the browser on the first visit to our website.
If the cookie has been deleted through the browser and then revisits our website, a new cookie of the _utma type is written with a different unique ID.
This cookie is used to determine unique visitors to our website and is updated with each page view.
Additionally, this cookie provides a unique identifier that Google Analytics uses to ensure the validity and accessibility of the cookie, as well as an extra security measure.
Two years from its installation or update.
_utma These cookies work together to store information about the activity of the visit to our website and mainly the duration of it. 30 minutes
_utmb Sesión
_utmc This cookie is usually stored in the browser on the first visit to our website.
This cookie stores how the visitor has arrived at our website, either directly by entering the domain address, a link, a web search or an advertisement. The cookie is updated every time you visit our website.
Six months since its installation or update
_utmt This cookie is used to process the type of request required by the user.Google Analytics They expire at the end of the session

Cookies policy

How can I change the configuration of cookies?
Cookies must be enabled on your computer or device by default. If this were not the case, your experience at will be limited to visiting the page, reading it and searching for articles. If you would like to restrict, block or delete cookies from or from any other page, you can use your internet browser to do so. Each browser is different, so you must access the “help” menu of your browser to know how to change the preferences of cookies.

How to reject cookies?
You can configure your browser to accept or reject the installation of all, or some type of cookie, or to request that you be notified when a cookie is placed.
Each browser has specific configuration instructions. Below we provide the links with the information concerning the most common browsers: