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¡Grilled fish and shellfish fresh of the day!

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Our history

Grilled fish and shellfish fresh of the day

Ferdinand house restaurant, located on the second line of the Garden City beach promenade. On the outskirts of Majorca Palma, started in 1980 as was usual then, serving simple homemade menus and the famous tapas.

The fish was caught with a typical llaüt, a Majorca boat that can still be seen on the roof of the restaurant.

Over the years and after several reforms, it became a fashionable 1-fork restaurant, keeping its usual simplicity, but dedicating itself more thoroughly to the preparation of fresh grilled fish and seafood.

We Serve the Freshest Catches

Our letter

The best of local products, fish, and shellfish caught on the Mediterranean coast.

That does not mean that vegetables are not present, because you can also taste a variety of vegetables and grilled mushrooms.

Seasonal fish are also available (Raons, Yonquillo, Llampuga as well as Mallorca lobster).

See our menu and list of local wines.

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An ideal place to dine

Events and Dinners

Ferdinand house restaurant, brings together all kinds of customers who love good fish from many social spheres, both national and international, as the photos on the restaurant’s walls show.

As soon as you enter, you can see a 4-meter-long display case that is filled with a wide assortment of fresh fish and seafood.

From this assortment, customers can choose what they want as if they were in a fish market

Fabulous flavor tasting


The fish is weighed to calculate the price as stipulated by the market. Behind the display case is the cook who prepares his dishes for the public, which draws a lot of attention from customers.

Another specialty is homemade desserts.

There is also a good top quality wine list, both white, rosé and red.

The place has a Wi-Fi system in all dining rooms to try to provide a better service to customers.